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Ortahisar Houses

Ortahisar Houses

Ortahisar District, one of the oldest settlements in Trabzon, stands out with its historical houses in traditional architectural style. Functionality and aesthetics come to the fore in these houses, which are the most important building blocks of Turkish urban culture that continue to live today.

The region called Ortahisar has Zagnos Valley in the west and Tabakhane Valley in the east. Although it is located between two valleys, the north of this geography, which is located in a relatively flat area, is a natural defense structure for the people living in the region, although it is steep in places and generally extremely inclined.

Considering that Trabzon was founded as a maritime and commercial city, it has been an advantageous settlement in terms of providing port security due to its proximity to the port.

Among the general features of Ortahisar houses, it is noteworthy that stone and reinforced concrete are located together on the exterior. The rooms of these houses, which were built at least two or three floors, are quite bright. The historical houses, which are rectangular with a double or triple window system, are made of wood. It reflects the hospitality of traditional Turkish houses with a proper architectural example.

Ortahisar HousesOrtahisar HousesOrtahisar HousesOrtahisar Houses



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