Memişağa Mansion

Memişağa Mansion

Memişağa Mansion

Despite the modern structures in trabzon city center and surrounding area, the historical texture and presence especially in the districts are remarkable. In this context, The Memisaga Mansion in The district of Sürmene, which means 'Beauty', is among the must see. Memisaga Mansion, also known as Kastel Mansion, has a large forest behind it. The two-storey mansion, accompanied by stunning green backdrop, has a kind of castle-house concept. From the ground, stone walls and windows stand out at the top. The dungeon-style section in the basement of the building, which is also thought to be a timely management building based on its robust and sheltered structure, supports this view. On the other hand, the masonry house is famous for its overhanging fringes and rich woodwork in many points. The Memisaga Mansion, which reflects history everywhere ifrom the door handles to window bars, has a visual elegance. The historic mansion, which underwent restoration in the early 2000s, was home to the most important families of Trabzon. History awareness is presented with this mansion, where spiritual traces of the past can be seen even today, and the skyline of the city is perfectly complemented.

Memişağa MansionMemişağa MansionMemişağa MansionMemişağa Mansion


  • burakkya
    10.08.2022 08:04

    İçerisinde işletme mevcut fakat fiyatları biraz yüksek zamanınız var ise yemek yeme fırsatını değerlendirin

  • sudekilic
    15.09.2022 08:50

    Çok iyi işlemelerin/işçiliğin yapıldığı ve mutlaka gezip görülmesi gereken yerlerden. Bir odanın tavanını dönecek şekilde tasarlamışlar. Eski bir konak olmasından dolayı girişler gruplar halinde. Biz gittiğimizde ücretsizdi ama artık ücretlendirilecekmiş sanırım


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