Kanuni House

Kanuni House

Kanuni House

The building, which Kanuni Suleiman the Magnificent was born and raised in, one of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire's 'Ascension Era', serves as a museum for its guests today. Sultan Suleiman, sultan of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Ascension Era, was born in Trabzon and lived in this city until the age of 15. The building, which serves as a museum today, is the house where he was born and raised at that time. While visitors experience unforgettable moments in the museum consisting of wax sculptures, it also gives some information about clothing, jewelry, home decoration and hair and beard styles of that period. The historical house, one of the historical Turkish buildings in Trabzon Ortahisar, also forms an integrity with all the other historical monuments of the city. Ottoman culture is reflected in 360 degrees in the Kanuni House, which includes books about Ottoman and Trabzon history, wax statues of sultans and handmade rugs. The Kanuni Evi, which makes important contributions to the cultural tourism of the city, is considered one of the most important and special points of Trabzon, both shining a light on Ottoman history and help recognizing and endearing this culture to a new generation.

Kanuni House Kanuni House Kanuni House Kanuni House


  • irembozz
    12.10.2022 08:59

    Tarih meraklılarının mutlaka ziyaret etmesi gereken, şehir merkezinde yer alan bir müze. İçerisinde Osmanlı padişahları ile ilgili detaylı harita ve bilgiler, savaş aletleri ve bazı padişahların balmumu heykelleri bulunmakta.

  • zehraavarolx
    27.07.2022 06:55

    İçerisinde birçok tarihi eserlerin, Kanuni Sultan Süleyman ve Yavuz Sultan Selim 'in mumdan heykelleri mevcut. Konumu ve ulaşımı kolay, çay bahçesi mevcut. Çayın tadı güzeldi.


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