Çalcamili Natural Park

Çalcamili Natural Park

Çalcamili Natural Park

Çalcamili Natural Park, where every tone of green is presented to you in the most beautiful form, allows you to appreciate the magnificent beauty it reflects. Çalcamili Natural Park, registered in 2011 by trabzon Forest Management Directorate and Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, is one of the most visited parks in Trabzon... The nature park, which is almost a combination of the forests of beech and picea orientalis, is stunning with its beauty, while also appealing to the soul with peace in the natural habitat. The richness in the variety of the park is so great that; the surfaceit’s on, plant diversity completing each other, it evokes an indescribable sense of admiration... Çalcamili Natural Park, which is also an indispensable camp center for campers, is also one of the travel destinations frequently visited by one-day visitors and selfie enthusiasts. In the first years organized by the ministry, the park was inadequate for visitors who came in terms of drinking water, after the recent arrangements, it also overcame this problem. Çalcamili Natural Park, which gives different beautiful photographs every time of the year and is an indispensable point for campers and nature enthusiasts; As one of the most beautiful points of Trabzon, it welcomes thousands of guests every year.

Çalcamili Natural ParkÇalcamili Natural ParkÇalcamili Natural ParkÇalcamili Natural Park


  • sudekilic
    15.09.2022 08:48

    Yürüş ve koşu için ideal bir yer ama yanınıza hırka veya Swet almayı unutmayın.

  • zydgz
    19.07.2022 09:02

    Güzel bir yer ancak kendine haline bırakılmış. Oturmak için kamelyalarda mevcut ancak biraz az kalmış. Yine de gitmek için güzel bir ortamı var.

  • huseyinatess
    14.11.2022 09:27

    Ücretsiz, Çal mağarasına yakın ve turistlerin keşfetmediği geniş doğal mekan.

  • ezgicam
    11.08.2022 07:33

    Çayınızı kahvenizi yemeğinizi alıp piknik yapabileceğiniz aile ile gidebileceğiniz en güzel alana sahip parklardan mangal kokuları miss gibi kokuyor…


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