Ahi Evren Dede Mosque

Ahi Evren Dede Mosque

Ahi Evren Dede Mosque

In Boztepe, which lies over all Trabzon, no clear information about the construction date of Ahi Evren Dede Mosque, which was originally built as a dervish dergah. It is known that it was built by Şemsettin Sami for Ahi Evren Dede during the time of Sultan Orhan. Although it is known that there used to be dergah, mosque and tomb in the present place of Ahi Evran Dede Mosque, there is little information about the architectural features and structure of this building coplex. Later, Ahi Evran Dede Mosque was built to the same area. Although no clear information about the mosque has been found, it is known that it underwent restoration between 1887 and 1888, as this information is mentioned in the records. The mosque, which was repaired by Haci Hakki Baba, one of the Chief Muezzins of Sultan Abdulaziz and one of Trabzon's most beloved figures, also got into its present form in those years. The mosque, which has a square plan, has stone walls. Although it was with a wooden roof in the 1880s, a dome was added to the mosque, which was re-repaired in 1976, after 100 years. The altar and minberia are simple, its minaret is small and single-serefe.

Ahi Evren Dede MosqueAhi Evren Dede MosqueAhi Evren Dede MosqueAhi Evren Dede Mosque


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