Urfa City Museum

Urfa City Museum

Urfa City Museum

The museum, which was restored and created by restoring the tower located in the Beygate section of the city walls of Urfa, fills the eye with its extensive collection, which witness to the city's thousands of years of history. Şanlıurfa, which was founded right after the deluge of Noah and is rumored to be one of the first cities, is home to almost all magnificent civilizations and their cultures in its thousands of years of history. The city, which contains all the knowledge of Mesopotamia, where three heavenly religions live together, where cultures are intertwined and enriched and the cradle of civilizations, is also called the 'City of Prophets' in terms of its religious significance. The tower where today's Urfa City Museum was built during the Crusade count is given by the state to the chief white eunuch Mahmutoğlu and his family in the late Ottoman periods. On March 24, 1919, the city occupied by the French, the occupiers want to rent this place from the tower owner Mahmudoğlu Mustafa Agha, but their bids are turned down. After the Mahmutoğlu family, which was carried through the liberation of Urfa and the establishment of the republic, the tower was abandoned to its fate for many years. The building, which was purchased by Şanlıurfa Municipality in 2008, was restored in accordance with its original ity and converted into Urfa City Museum and opened to the public serves. With its works from the Neolithic Age (Stone Age), countless historical remains that shed light from the past to the present are exhibited at urfa city museum. The museum, where thousands of years of development in the area of faith, socio-economic, transportation, health and architecture can be examined, is one of the most popular points in the city.

Urfa City MuseumUrfa City MuseumUrfa City MuseumUrfa City Museum


  • aslidemirr
    04.07.2022 08:48

    Şanlıurfa içinde sokaktan başlayarak müzenin içinde tamamen kendinizi zamansız bir ortamda buluyorsunuz :)

  • furkanakay
    02.12.2022 07:37

    O kadar müze gezdim ama burası kadar düzenli, büyük ve güzel bir müze görmedim.

  • caglaacetin
    18.08.2022 07:42

    Şanlıurfa'nın tarihini ve kültürünü detaylı şekilde yansıtan büyük ve kapsamlı bir müze, yetkililer çok ilgiliydi

  • huseyinatess
    14.09.2022 11:30

    İçerisinde bir avluda bulunan, yaşanan kültürü net olarak ortaya koyan, geçmişle günümüzü birleştiren eserler içeriyor. Giriş ücretsiz


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