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Soğmatar Ancient City

Soğmatar Ancient City

We are going to the 2nd century BC, to the era of the Abgar Kingdom… The temples built for the moon and planet gods in the ancient city, located in the region of the Tekek mountains by the people of Harran, await their visitors with their dazzling beauties. Soğmatar Ancient City is 53 kilometers from Harran. When you enter this ancient city, which is accepted as the city of beliefs and where the oldest beliefs still come to life, you will be greeted by the cave created to worship the Moon god Sin. On the continuation of this place known as Pognon Cave, there is the Sacred Hill with god reliefs and inscriptions in places. In the ancient city, there are also six square and round mausoleums, an inner castle and many rock tombs carved into the bedrock. The Ancient City of Sogmatar, which was built by those who escaped from the attacks of the Parthians (Iranians) in Urfa in the 165s, preserved this structure until the Islamic period. The historical well in the ancient city is Hz. It is rumored to be the Moses Well. And Hz. It is known that the office of the Prophet Eyyub is ahead of the town of Eyyub Nebi, 30 kilometers after this route.

Soğmatar Ancient CitySoğmatar Ancient CitySoğmatar Ancient CitySoğmatar Ancient City



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