Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave

Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave

Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave

A cultural exuberance, a spiritual treasure all over Sanliurfa, the historic city in southeastern part of Turkey. In this context, Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave, one of the landmark locations close to Urfa Castle, is among the highlights of the city. It is rumored that this spiritual visit area was the cave where Ibrahim, the Prophet Ibrahim, who was believed to have lived in 2000 BC, was born and stayed until the age of seven. The cave, where he spent an important part of his childhood years, is an important point of faith tourism today. Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave is kept bright and well maintained thanks to its electrical system it’s clear when it is entered some religious book and sajjadas laid flat are seen. The highlight is that a source also hosts the spring water. Visitors drink the water from the Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave and usually fill the water bottles they brought with them. The spring water is believed to be the freshest water after the zemzem water and is healing. Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave, which is ahost to many local and foreign tourists every year, is one of the most important sighting destinations in Şanlıurfa.

Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave Mevlid-i Halilulrahman Cave


  • irembozz
    30.06.2022 10:21

    Hz İbrahim’in doğduğu mağara manevi huzur ile dolu rahatlatıcı etkisi var mağaranın hemen iç kısmında namaz kılabileceğimiz mescid olması çok güzel.

  • tugubaga
    14.04.2022 04:43

    Gittiginizde büyük huzur bulacağınız bir yer.Yerel rehber tutarsanız size oraları gezdirip anlatıyor


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