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Hızmalı Bridge

Hızmalı Bridge

The Hızmalı Bridge, which is the subject of narratives with its story, is one of the most famous structures in Şanlıurfa. The Karakoyunlu State, who came to Anatolia in the 1400s, settles especially in Urfa and its surroundings. Sakine Sultan, the daughter of the Karakoyunlu ruler, who lived in the 15th century, had the Hızmalı Bridge built on the route she used to go to pilgrimage. They say; Sakine Sultan had this bridge built to facilitate people's travels and to provide a new route to the city's trade, so that it would not be left unattended and repaired in the following years, and had her jewels and gold eyelets on her nose placed at the base of the bridge. He wants it to be a bridge that will make life easier for the people by being renewed with the income to be obtained from here… It will be so. There is no other narrative about the underlying jewels, but the Hızmalı Bridge has been repaired many times over the course of hundreds of years. Hızmalı Bridge, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Anatolian architecture in Şanlıurfa today, is under protection by the Provincial Special Administration Directorate. The bridge, built by mixing cut stone and rubble stone, sheds light on the Karakoyunlu architectural style with its pointed arched chamber in the middle and the evacuation openings next to the arch. Hızmalı Bridge, which also has hidden water channels, is also used as an aqueduct in the first period it was built.

Hızmalı BridgeHızmalı BridgeHızmalı Bridge


  • muratty
    12.10.2022 07:48

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  • mustafaalii
    12.08.2022 07:09

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  • acelyaabasar
    02.11.2022 08:26

    Tarihi ve geçmiş iyle meşhur peygamberler şehri Urfa


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