Han El-Bar'ur

Han El-Bar'ur

Han El-Bar'ur

Not without seeing the conical roofed houses of Harran, south of Sanliurfa, one of the oldest settlements still living in the world, its historical structures, ruins and bazda caves seen heading east in its vicinity. When the journey is head to the southeast, about 27 km later, the Village of Goktas and han el-bar'ur, a historical classical Anatolian Seljuk caravanserai, are encountered. The name origin of the historical structure is also quite interesting. According to the rumor, the person who built it says, 'Those who come after me will fill this place with goat manure! ' Mongols come and devastate then this beautiful place used as a barn. Among the people, the name of the 'El-Bar'ur' meaning 'goat manure' is started to be known, and thus the name of the historical caravanserai comes to the present day in the form of Han El-Bar.ur. Han El-Bar'ur is in ruins in general, but the entrance door and inscription are still standing. Inscription means identity; the construction process of the historical structure was completed in 1129 and was built by a person named al-Hajj Hüsameddin Ali Bey is recorded in this document written on stone... There is another inscription which is on the entrance door of the building. In a relatively hilly area, the original plan of the caravanserai built on the Harran-Baghdad road is known to have mosques, barnplaces, hammam, various rooms and a military room. A courtyard close to the square measuring 43-44 meters is located in front of the caravanserai.

Han El-Bar'ur Han El-Bar'ur Han El-Bar'ur


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    12.10.2022 07:17

    Harran’a yolunuz düşerse muhakkak güzergahınız üzerindeki köylere girin. Yol ister asfalt olsun, ister patika. Hiç önemli değil, çekinmeden, tedirgin olmadan girin. Her adımda tarihsel öneme sahip yerler mekanlarla karşılaşmanız mümkün.


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