We've reached the zero point of time, changing all known human history. This is Belly Hill; The first known temple of humanity... Belly Hill is the lead in the UNESCO World Heritage List... The place that breaks all known memorizations so far, allowing the rewrite of human history, is the oldest temple complex in the world. Until recently, it was known that religions began with the progress of people from the hunter-gatherer period to settled life, and that temples were built with the established life culture. Then, in 1980, a figurine was found. The figurine, which was first taken to a barn as ornaments and then delivered to the Archaeological Museum of Şanlıurfa, was examined by German Archaeologist Professor Klaus Shmidt in 1995 and understood to be 12,000 years old. Shmidt, who started excavations immediately afterwards, carried out a feverish excavation in the 20-year period until his death in 2014. Only one per five a of the complex's unity were unearthed in the excavations that are still going on today. Since 1995, the works encountered in the studies have been incredibly old and the kind that sheds light on human history. The temple is T shaped, consisting of monumental obelisks and the relief of animal, human and abstract concepts on them, are the oldest historical motifs made entirely handcrafted. Up to 10-12 obelisks, which can reach up to 40 tons each, are designed as a closed complex by circularly. Belly Hill is also the oldest known architectural example. More than 20 complexes have been recorded as a result of seismic research conducted in Belly Hill, where six venues can be uncovered for 25 years. One of the elements that makes Belly Hill so mysterious is that it is a place that continues to be used until 8,000 years ago and then covered with soil. Belly Hill, which is the most important tourist destination in Turkey and which guides history, has become the center of attention of hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, especially after the promotional work carried out in recent years.



  • mustafaalii
    12.08.2022 06:58

    İnsanlık tarihinin ilk merkezi bundan daha eski bir tarihi kalıntı henüz bulunmayana kadar en eskisi. Tarihi merak edenlerin mutlaka gezmesi gereken yer…

  • zehraavarolx
    01.08.2022 09:26

    Otopark yeri mevcut servislerle Göbeklitepe'ye ulaşım sağlanmaktadır. Tarih kitaplarının yeniden yazıldığı nokta

  • furkanakay
    02.12.2022 07:26

    Şanlıurfaya uzaklığı 18 km kadar. Yolları genel olarak iyiydi.


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