Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve Open Air Museum

For Zelve Valley, which holds the title of being the longest settlement of Cappadocia, legends say that Christianity was spread from here first. It is located in the Zelve Valley, where you can witness the areas where old people live with rock houses and its charming atmosphere. There was a belief that this area, which will take you to a stunning atmosphere, is the land where Christianity first came out and spread. It is also known that most churches, monasteries and settlements are here. In the Zelve Valley, which was used as a village until the 1950s, some evenings are now performing incredible concerts for a mass of audience. Especially this area, which we recommend you to leave in the evening, also has its own unique view. When you step in here, you'll be lost in the magic of the environment, you'll be able to experience the experiences of rock houses. Millions of people visit Zelve Open Air Museum every year, which says that this is the most visited place after Goreme Open Air Museum in Cappadocia. Don't forget to visit the valley while you're enjoying the Open Air Museum! You can enjoy views from the tunnels in the Zelve Valley. Many parts of this valley, which is extremely interesting, are currently closed to visitors. But there are still sightings that will take you for a long time!

Zelve Open Air MuseumZelve Open Air MuseumZelve Open Air MuseumZelve Open Air Museum


  • ahmetyaylacii
    12.08.2022 06:31

    Zelve açık hava müzesi gerçekten olağanüstü bir yer camisi manastırı evleri ile her karşıtı tarih ve heyacan verici güzellikle dolu…

  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 08:34

    Görülmesi gereken bir yer. Yüz yillar önce insanlar orada o zamanlar nasil yaşadiklarini merak ediyor! Ne amacla o kayalari kazip onca zahmete girdiler acaba!

  • 7JONAQ1H
    24.07.2022 17:33

    bayıldım balonfeste katıldık burada harikaydı


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