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Urgup Kadi Kalesi

Urgup Kadi Kalesi

For the urgup district of Nevşehir, which dates back thousands of years, it wouldn’t be wrong to say factory of, an omen where civilizations meet. The exotic regions beauties doesn’t end wit counting. One of these places is Urgup Kadi kale, about half an hour from the city center. The castle, which is visited extensively by local and foreign tourists who come to Nevşehir, is one of the important historical buildings in Urgup. Urgup Kadikale, located on a hill, is located in an important area where people who served in the palace during Ottoman rule, origins extending to Byzantine. Another name of the historic castle is the Women's Castle, dedicated to the intensive refuge of women and children, especially in the seljuk wars. In this respect, there is also a passage way inside the castle, which attracts attention. When the passage is followed seen that, reaching to the Damsa River,on which there is a Dam to day , it is used, in the case of the wars progress negatively, for escaping way. The area where Urgup Kadikale is located is also a remarkable cultural area with its historical heritage, where Ottoman mosques, bath ruins, Christian cemeteries and old houses are sorted.

Urgup Kadi KalesiUrgup Kadi KalesiUrgup Kadi KalesiUrgup Kadi Kalesi


  • irembozz
    12.10.2022 14:33

    Keşfedilmeyi bekleyen güzel yerlerden bir tanesi. Yalnız bakımsızliktan ve kötü kullanımdan dolayı iyi bir bakım ve onarıma ihtiyacı var.

  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 09:07

    Ürgüp, şiirlere, şarkılara konu olmuş Muhteşem tatil yöresi, insanın başını döndürüyor, insanoğlunun tarihini burada yorumlayabilirsiniz....


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