Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)

Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)

Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)

Çatalkaya is the only cruising point where you can watch the incredible atmosphere of Fairy Chimneys, which takes great views of Mount Erciyes as a backdrop ... Located in the Urgup region of Nevşehir City, the Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace) offers views of a vast valley. Watching the Fairy Chimneys length wise in this valley, which is the symbol attraction of Cappadocia, having this backdrop you and taking a photo is one of the must-haves of cappadocia's trip. Standing defiantly for centuries, Fairy Chimneys have their guests in the pages of history... As if it were vast, the most beautiful view is on Çatalkaya Cruise Hill. Especially if you travel here at close to sunset, you won't be satisfied with the redness of the sky and the photo frame in the light of moon on Fairy Chimneys. You get out tiredness of the day with an atmosphere out of fairy tale land. By the time, a note to visitors to this area: The entrance fee is not charged to see this area from the viewing terrace as the interior of the Fairy Chimneys is closed.

Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)Three Beauties (Çatalkaya Viewing Terrace)


  • aslidemirr
    21.09.2022 12:58

    Peri bacalarının en güzel örnekleri sanırım üç güzeller. Giriş ücretsiz. Yol üstünde olduğu için pek bir tesis bulunmuyor. Bir iki cafe mevcut.

  • mervebakknn
    07.07.2022 08:06

    Efsaneye göre annesinin yanına sokulmuş bir çocuk ve ailesinin yanı başında duran bir babayı andıran irili ufaklı üç peribacası gerçekten bir doğa harikası.


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