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Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar Castle

Nevşehir, one of the historical values in Turkey, has become a competitive field for various civilizations; the fertile lands, the fact that it is on trade routes and its geopolitical significance have brought wars over the ages. In this context, one of the first locations opened to tourism in the region of historical importance is ortahisar town. Ortahisar Castle, which is based on the conversion of a dominant rock by caring for to the castle, is one of the remarkable sighting areas at this point. The Castle, built in the time of the Hittites, was used for defensive purposes. In the following centuries, rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods were also actively exploited from this unorthodox castle... The participation of this area in ottoman territory is told with an intriguing story: When Ottoman soldiers who came to the region realized that the though doors, with tar wells, which were closed with rocks, could not be passed, they began to dig tunnels and had a height of 86 meters That's the only way to get into the castle. It is one of the tourist attractions of sight, with small settlements growing around. Ortahisar Castle, which can be entered at a highly symbolic price, can be pleasured both the view of Urgup and Goreme and have a pleasant time at the food and beverage points.

Ortahisar CastleOrtahisar CastleOrtahisar CastleOrtahisar Castle


  • guvenylmz
    17.08.2022 09:47

    Çıkması kolay değil dik merdivenlerden çıkıyorsunuz. Uç hisara çıkmak daha kolay çıkarken zor olmaz diyorsanız mutlaka görülmesi gerek…

  • gamze41
    27.09.2022 10:19

    Güzel ama içerde duvarda hiç bir tarihi anıyla ilgili bilgi yok .


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