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Red Valley

Red Valley

The Red Valley is a region that let the experience at extremes, even for rich travelers who have witnessed visual feasts all over the world! In this unique geography of Nevşehir, equipped with red colors, visualization is the center of the feast. The Red Valley, within the boundaries of the city's town of Ortahisar, lies on a relatively small landscape, stunning with its views. Especially during the sun's nearly-sunset, the visuals that increase the dose are also open to discoveries... Along the valley, which must be overcome by walking, the red cliffs will have to be passover. As part of your trip, pigeon groves, tunnels, churches and vineyards will also appear. You might want to walk through the tunnels. For a safe trip, it is also recommended to have a flashlight in your travel kit. In general, there are trails arranged for hiking and not much in length (about 1.5 km). At the end of the Red Valley, you are greeted by another well-known valley, Meskendir. One recommendation is that in the summer, the intensity in the region is increasing, especially in the near hours of sunset; tourists waiting or talking can be seen on all sides. So if you have to watch the sunset in the Red Valley among your plans, planning the time is important . There's a restaurant in the valley. You can eat grilled meat or raviers at the food and drink point, which is home to local flavors, and drink soup. There are also breakfast options.

Red ValleyRed ValleyRed Valley



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