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Kepez Church (Sarıca Church)

Kepez Church (Sarıca Church)

Kepez Church, which is among the prominent historical buildings of Nevşehir, on a dominant hill, is also known as Sarıca Church due to the yellow color dominating the region. It is shown among the first examples of Byzantine architecture in the heart of Anatolia. Although not certain, it is thought to have been built in the 10th century. It can be seen in the focus of cultural tourism today. With its interior decorations and colorful frescoes, it offers a visual feast to its guests. The closed Greek Cross planned church is architecturally different from other churches in the region. The Kepez Church, which has three domes and two apses in its "Greek Cross" planned structure, is described as a unique architectural fusion. The ocher paintings on the walls are very striking. Kepez Church, which has been improved with the restorations it has seen on various dates as one of the historical values ​​of the region, is one of the iconic locations of Cappadocia.

Kepez Church (Sarıca Church)Kepez Church (Sarıca Church)Kepez Church (Sarıca Church)Kepez Church (Sarıca Church)



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