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Creamy Underground City

Creamy Underground City

Not only the plane of Nevşehir, famous for its Fairy Chimneys, but also a stunning treasure of history in underground of it! Located 20 km from the city centre, the Kaymaklı Underground City is undoubtedly among the most obvious evidence at this point. The underground city, which also gave its name to the town in which it is being its borders, dates back thousands of years. It is known that the settlement began 3,000 years ago and landed underground by carvening rocks during the Byzantine Empire as a precaution against Arab raids. Thus, for security, an interesting life style in the form of underground settlement begins to formed. In this context, there are corridors, interconnected rooms, cellars, ventilation systems, wells, churches, and even giant sliding rocks to prevent dangers from outside. The Eight-storey Kaymaklı Underground City is a rare are and only four illuminated storey can be visited in total. The underground city, where a small number of historical items are also on display, promises to see the rooms by a sightseeing experience, generally by passing through corridors. Derinkuyu Underground City, which is connected with deep wells along with Kaymaklı Underground City in Nevşehir, is also very important. There are also underground cities in Mazı, Avanos, Mucur, Çardak, Özkonak and Karacaören. Kaymaklı Underground City, which can be visited in two periods: summer and winter, can be entered with a little fee at certain hours on every day of the week.

Creamy Underground CityCreamy Underground CityCreamy Underground CityCreamy Underground City


  • sudekilic
    09.11.2022 07:44

    Görülmesi gereken harika yerlerden bir tanesi.. Sadece bazı merdivenler çok dar. Panik atağı ya da solunum problemi olanlar için tehlikeli olabilir.

  • leylakorkmazz
    01.07.2022 08:57

    İlginç yer Oraya girmek inanılmazdı bu küçük odalarda ve dik merdivenlerde insanların nasıl yaşadığını öğrenelim harika bir deneyimdi.


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