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Güray Museum

Güray Museum

The huge Guray Museum is a art city which has three-part. The museum, where its historical texture is combined with incredible integrity to the present day, fascinates its visitors with its extraordinary atmosphere. Turkey's greatest wealth is diversity in its culture. Güray Museum, which has been home to the oldest and ancient civilizations of Anatolia, which is home to the oldest and ancient civilizations of the world today with its its foundations dating back thousands of years, has led to the feeling that Nevşehir has hung in time, and has all the beauties of the city since its past together. The Güray Museum, where the unforgettable works of Cappadocia, meet one of the oldest settlements of Anatolia that witnessed history,will shock all those who saw , with its unique visual feast. The three-part museum, the AntiqueS Hall, the Hall of Modern Works and the Exhibition Hall, combines the past and the present. The museum has a very rich collection of archaeological artifacts, contemporary Turkish ceramic syllaments, traditional folk ceramics, a traditional tile collection and adapted collections of Anatolian ceramics are among those on display. The museum, which is open every period of the year, is one of the points that those who come to Nevşehir do not return without seeing it.

Güray MuseumGüray MuseumGüray MuseumGüray Museum


  • irembozz
    12.10.2022 14:35

    Güray müze, bir ailenin 25 yıllık birikimi ile oluşturulmuş, kapadokya bölgesinin en güzel yeraltı müzesi. Yeraltına oyulmuş koridorlarda gezerken sanki müthiş sanat eserlerini izlemek çok keyifli. Müze içinde seramik boyama sanatını gözlemleyebilir, ebruli sanatını gözlemleyebilir ve 30 tl karşılığında kendi toprak çömleklerinizi yapabilirsiniz.


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