Elmalı Church

Elmalı Church

Elmalı Church

In fact, the Apple Church, a chapel, is one of the few structures that have survived from the 12th century without spoiling its frescoes almost intact. The Pagan Emperor of Rome, Constantine I, becomes a Christian just hours before his death. The emperor, who has done countless evils all his life to the religion of Christianity and to those who believe in this religion, causes countless people to escape because of their faith. The Christian people who came to Nevsehir through Kayseri and Hatay and took refuge, where they find the opportunity to live their faith and live safely. The people who breathed a sigh of relief as Constantine I became Christian just before he died do not leave Cappadocia and its surroundings and spread their religion all over Anatolia from here... Nevşehir, which has hosted many civilizations in its thousands of years of history dating back to the assyrian colonies and it’s longest-term guests are The Christians for these reasons. The Apple Church opens the doors of a mystical journey with scenes from the Bible and Torah on its walls. In one of the frescoes, the objects in the hands of the priests are likened to apples, so it takes this name. Thousands of local and foreign tourists flock here every year to see the frescoes, from the ascention to the Angel Mikail, from the Prophet of Souleiman to the Jewish kings includes many religious teachings.

Elmalı ChurchElmalı ChurchElmalı Church


  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 07:53

    Vadide yer alan onlarca kiliseden birisi. hepsini ayrı ayrı saatlerce inceleseniz bile yeterli olmaz.

  • leylakorkmazz
    30.06.2022 07:30

    Küçük bir mağara gibi 1050 yılı civarında yapılmış heralde ama fotoğraf çekmeye izin vermiyorlar :(


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