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Belha Monastery

Belha Monastery

In addition to being the first place where Christian education was given, there was actually a tragic love in Belha Monastery! The Head of Ziyaret Mount declares his love to Belha, the daughter of the Clan Chief, who is beautifully epic. As time goes on, the love of this couple who love each other is riveted. But as the time passes belha grows up and becomes such a beautiful young woman that the number of suitors begins to increase every day. In this case, Belha's father decides to race among the candidates: he will give his daughter to the young man who won the competition. When the day comes and the competition begins, the Head of Ziyaret Mount and lord of Aliyli face off. Belha follows the competition from the balcony, she jumps from the balcony to be in front of the thrown arrow to the Head of Ziyaret Mount. But the arrow thrown causes them both to die there... Belha Monastery, which is the subject of such pure love, is very important for Christianity. In this area, which is the first place where Christian education is given, separate sections have been created for girls and boys. The monastery also includes a watchtower, dungeon, Roman Bath and dining room. But the most remarkable area is undoubtedly the healer! The room temperature of this healer is 12 degrees, and it is also stated that people with diseases such as migraines and headaches come regularly.

Belha MonasteryBelha MonasteryBelha MonasteryBelha Monastery


  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 07:49

    Eski bir kilise yapısı. Karanlık olan şifa odası çok şaşırtıcı. Diğer yeraltı şehirlerinde bunalıp terlerken burada gerçekten fazlasıyla nefes alabildiğimi hissettim.


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