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Azize Barbara Chapel

Azize Barbara Chapel

he chapel, built in the name of Azize Barbara, one of the people who were subjected to many persecution by the Pagans in the early years of Christianity, is one of the oldest structures in Nevşehir. Barbara was born in Nikomedya (Izmit) on December 4, 235 BC. Barbara of Nikomedya, who believes in the religion of Christianity, is killed by his own father by cutting her head, a Pagan. After this brutal murder, Barbara, whom Christians declared 'Azize', is seen as a savior for the believers of the period. Many structures around the world are honored by the name of Azize Barbara. Christians who fled the persecution of Pagan Emperor Constantine I in 64 BC and came to Nevsehir, develop this city over time. Christians in Nevşehir, one of the most important cities of Christianity and who contribute greatly to the spread of this faith to Anatolian lands, rule here for many years. Christians who took a deep breath after the announcement of Constantine I, who declared himself A Christian just before his death, also went to increase the city's works. Built towards the end of the 11th century, The Chapel of Saintbarbara honors both depictions of the ordeal suffered by the believers of the period and the spirit of Azize. The chapel, decorated with geometric shapes, mythological animals and military symbols using red ocher, is among the most welcoming places of Nevşehir today.

Azize Barbara ChapelAzize Barbara ChapelAzize Barbara ChapelAzize Barbara Chapel


  • guvenylmz
    17.08.2022 09:39

    Elmalı Kilise'nin bulunduğu kaya blokunun arkasındadır. Haç planlı, iki sütunlu, batı, kuzey ve güney haç kolları beşik tonozlu, merkezi kubbeli, doğu haç kolu ve doğudaki iki köşe mekânı kubbelidir. Bir ana, iki yan apsisi bulunmaktadır. Motifler kırmızı boya ile doğrudan kaya üzerine çizilmiştir. Duvarlarda ve kubbede zengin geometrik motifler, mitolojik hayvanlar ve askerî semboller bulunmaktadır.


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