Aynalı Church

Aynalı Church

Aynalı Church

The historical richness in Nevşehir competes with many provinces of the world... The city is known to host the Fairy Chimneys, a natural tourism shrine, as well as countless churches built during the Byzantine Empire. Among the prominent religious structures in this context, the Place of the Aynalı Church, also known as the Church of The Firkatan,is special for itself! The church has different characteristics than other churches of its era. It does not carry architecturally standard details, but also stands out with its secret passages and bunkers. It's almost surrounded by measures that have been delicately addressed. There are places has high levels of concealment and escape in a moment of danger. Unlike most churches, there are very few paintings where simple, geometric shapes can be predominantly, and traces of history are in ruins in many respects...It is a different church experience with kitchen, ration-placed sections and serene atmosphere. It is very close to Goreme, so it can be treated as a practical sightseeing point.

Aynalı ChurchAynalı ChurchAynalı ChurchAynalı Church


  • HPGgjCzv
    06.08.2022 12:29

    Müzekart ile girilebilir mi

  • huseyinatess
    07.12.2022 08:07

    Küçük bir kilise. Girişi 20 TL olmuş. Girişte elinize bir fener veriliyor. Çünkü ıçerisi karanlık ve odaları bağlayan koridorlar dar. Görülebilir bir mekan. Yolunuzun üstündeyse uğrayın derim.

  • sudekilic
    09.11.2022 07:48

    Kilise 10. yüzyılın ilk yarısına tarihlenmektedir. Zengin konuları içeren duvar süslemeleri, İsa, Meryem ve St. Georgeos’un yaşamı ile ilgili sahneleri canlandırmaktadır.


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