Valley of The Lovers

Valley of The Lovers

Valley of The Lovers

Besides its beauty, the Valley of Lovers, which fascinates itself with its story, is the mystical place that contains all the legends of the city. Nevşehir, which is famous all over the world with its Fairy Chimneys, with its 60 million-year history. It is a unique city that began to occur in the III. Geological Period. Nevşehir's Lovers Valley, one of the most important places in the world with its history of civilization dating back to 3000 BC, is also the subject of fairy tales. Of course, it's normal for a fairytale city to be the subject of fairy tales. There is a disagreement between two families living in the village of The Valley of Lovers, according to the tale, which is long enough to be told and so old, starting once upon a time. Discussions cannot be prevented and the village is divided into two. With the time passing there are those who oppose this situation and argue that young people from the two families should be married. A secret meeting is set and two chosen young people from two families have been met. Young people fall in love at first sight... The people of both villages oppose it, first, but then they accept it and marry the young people. One of the villagers who can't stand the happiness of the couple with children betrays and kills the father of the baby, just like Yehuda betrayed Jesus Christ... The woman who can't stand it commits suicide by jumping out of the valley, and her children are both orphans and orphans. This is the story, which is told that after these bad events, God has also rained stones and wrath the village. Since then, this valley, which has been a representation of pure love, has been called the Valley of lovers... Let alone whether or not to believe the fairy tale, let us fall in love with life from the Valley of lovers, which is obviously the most beautiful place in Cappadocia.

Valley of The LoversValley of The LoversValley of The LoversValley of The Lovers


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