Open Palace Museum

Open Palace Museum

Open Palace Museum

The Open Palace (Açık Saray), one of the hidden corners of Cappadocia, is one of the most mystical places in the city. According to the research of the historian, the Open Palace, which was conducted by BytheByzantines between 960 and 965 BC, is used by soldiers of The Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros Phokas. The structure, which consists of countless rooms created by carved tuff rocks, dazzles its glory. The palace, which has dining rooms, personal rooms and many churches and the monastery, fascinates itself with its grandeur among the campuses of the period where it was built. The only example of Cappadocia, which includes Mantar Kaya, is also a symbol of Gülşehir. The building, which is protected by the Directorate of Cultural Assets Protection and the Nevsehir Museum Directorate, serves as a museum today. The Open Palace Museum, which is very valuable in terms of history and architecture, is one of the hidden beauties of Nevşehir today. When the Open Palace Museum is completed in the 10th century, it becomes one of the important Episcopal centers. This place, which has served Christian citizens in the city and Anatolia for many years, still impresses people with its mystical air.

Open Palace MuseumOpen Palace MuseumOpen Palace MuseumOpen Palace Museum


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