When we look at history, it is seen that windmills were used extensively, especially in the Middle Ages. One of the places where windmills are used most often is Bodrum. These windmills, both because they are of historical importance and because they are visually impressive, always manage to attract the attention of local and foreign visitors.

Bodrum windmills are mainly located in the hill areas in the Gumbet bays. These mills are known to have been built in the 18th century. Although it was used actively for a long time, it remains only a tourist figure after the 1970s. Having a symbolic place in the area in which it is located, these mills offer a special workspace, especially for amateur or professional photography enthusiasts. The spot where the windmills are located offers an exquisite sea view.

Another windmill in Bodrum is located in Datca. These mills, which have a history of about 300 years, are largely collected in Kizlan Village. This place is also known as the most windy spot in Datca. There are six windmills in total located just above Marmaris road. Two of these are currently undergoing restoration. This restoration was not carried out by a particular institution, but by a benefactor.

During the restoration of the mills, their harmony with the environment is also taken into account. The roof portion of the mills can rotate 360 degrees. It can change its position depending on the direction the wind blows. In the windmill, the upper area is used for wheat grinding, the middle floor filling, while the entrance part is arranged in the form of a delivery area. Visitors to the windmills can witness the original working system. Ground mills located in Bodrum are made especially at points that take more of the wind. It is estimated that the first mills were built in the 1850s.



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