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Yağcılar Khan

Yağcılar Khan

Yağcılar Khan, located in Mugla city, was built in 1493. The khan was known as the most important commercial center of the city at the time. Notable for its solid stone walls, the inn has a wooden carcass system. This region consists of rendering plant houses during the founding years. For this reason, the name is still referred to today as ‘Yağhaneler Khan’. Since it was recently restored, it has been reopened to visit. The sycamore trees, especially in the courtyard section, use it as a pleasant resting area.

Yağcılar Khan which is located exactly in Emirbeyazıt district, was the most extensive repair in 1990. Yağcılar Khan welcomes travelers from the region throughout history. Today, it is mostly used as a business center and leisure area. The khan is quite easy to reach as it is located in the centre of the city. This allows many tourists to visit the khan.

Architecturally, cut stones and bricks attract attention. It consists mostly of rooms lined up around the courtyard. Although some additions were made to the Yağcılar Khan at certain times in history, this situation causes it to move away from its authenticity. As the Gulf of Gokova developed in the 1800s, commercial activities in the city suddenly changed direction. This naturally affects the Hhstorical khan negatively.

The western section of the khan has two lamb gates. The courtyard section opens directly to Kurşunlu Street. After the restoration, small and cute businesses, especially woven carpets sold, add color here. A budget of around 2 million Turkish lira is allocated for the restoration works of Yağcılar Khan. The khan adds value to the cultural and economic aspect of the city with its revamped state. The location delivery for the khan takes place in September 2009. In the coming periods, this place will also host cinema screenings and music performances.

Yağcılar KhanYağcılar KhanYağcılar KhanYağcılar Khan



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