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Ula Houses and Nail Çakırhan Architecture

Ula Houses and Nail Çakırhan Architecture

Nail Çakirhan is an architect and restorer born in Muğla-Ula... Çakırhan is also a poet and journalist with international awards in the field of architecture. Today, Ula houses, which have a worldwide reputation, are formed entirely under his leadership. He adds an original interpretation to the architecture of the classical Ula houses. In this context, he makes a Ula-style house for himself in Akyaka District. The original interpretation that this adds to the traditional architecture garnered great acclaim. In fact, he was also the winner of the Aga Khan Architecture Award at that time. After that period, he started to build houses similar to his close circle and friends. 

These are followed by hotels and resorts.This architectural style soon begins to spread in the Ula region. At the same time, other architects living in the area have adopted this style, so they build new homes accordingly. Almost all of the houses on the Akyaka side of the Gulf of Gökova have adopted this interesting style. In a short time the old houses are restored and these houses form a whole.

Ula houses managed to enter literature in the field of architecture. The most typical feature of the houses built in this architectural style is the details in the woodwork. Both the cabinet doors and ceiling workings have many decorations.

Nail Çakırhan completed the first house in this style in 1971. During the completion of this house, he is assisted by two local carpenter masters. His work is accompanied by his archaeologist wife Hale Çakirhan. It becomes a uniform architectural necessity in terms of having a visual integrity. In this process, the local authorities restore houses in the region as part of a project. Nail Çakırhan, the creator of Ula houses, which is quite impressive from a visual point of view, has recently died.

Ula Houses and Nail Çakırhan ArchitectureUla Houses and Nail Çakırhan ArchitectureUla Houses and Nail Çakırhan ArchitectureUla Houses and Nail Çakırhan Architecture



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