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Turgut Waterfall

Turgut Waterfall

Turgut, which is located just south of Marmaris, is capturing an important momentum in the field of Tourism. One of the major reasons for this is that it is a popular destination for safari tours. On the other hand, carpentry in Turgut Village is an important field of work. Shops here exhibit carpets brought from around the country. At the same time, when you visit the village, you will get a chance to witness the carpet weaving business here. Another beauty of Turgutlu Village is its waterfall, which is one of the symbols of this place. When you go over the slope after 9 kilometers, you may encounter this waterfall at about 5 kilometers.

The Turgut waterfall, located in a valley adorned with flowers outside a wooded area, flows from a point around five meters. The popularity of the waterfall increases slightly during the summer period. The water of the waterfall is generally cold. However, many people swim in the small lake where the waterfall flows. The area around the waterfall is also suitable for hiking activities. This area serves restaurants, although it is far from the district center. Accommodation options are also available within the village. The increasing popularity of the region obliges such businesses.

Turgut waterfall, located in the Selimiye quarter of Marmaris, takes its name from the village here, presumably. Kızkumu Beach is located close to a frequently visited beach, making it easy to reach.

Turgut waterfall, especially the landscape, makes it worth seeing. Those who want to get out of the busy crowds in Marmaris and find peace and find a quiet place can find answers to their expectations here. There are five separate waterfalls in total within the district. Safari tours with open-top jeeps are among the most important activities here. Also, if you do not want to limit yourself to the waterfall, you can visit Orhaniye or Hisarönü, which is located nearby.

Turgut WaterfallTurgut WaterfallTurgut WaterfallTurgut Waterfall



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