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Toparlar Falls

Toparlar Falls

When it is called Muğla, it usually comes to mind a city with natural beauties. The Toparlar waterfall, one of the most beautiful natural beauties of Mugla, is located at a distance of 60 kilometers between the city center. This place is also close to Köyceğiz. To come to the waterfall on Toparlar district, you must turn to the dirt road on Muğla Köyceğiz road. Those who cross this area on foot also get the chance to explore other natural beauty in the area.

Toparlar waterfall is a paradise land where people who are overwhelmed by the scorching temperatures, especially in the summer period, take refuge. On the other hand, the area is indispensable for trekking enthusiasts. People who come here for a walk prefer to climb towards the cliffs, which are located just behind the first waterfall encountered. The long hiking trails in the area where the waterfall is located attract the interest of the groups.

The Toparlar waterfall, which is the most popular point of the region which attracts interest with its red soil, flows through the valley. Water is generally considered as very fast. In this sense, when you visit the waterfall, you should definitely bring a comfortable pair of shoes and tracksuits. Since it is far outside the city centre, the options for food and beverage are extremely limited. From this point of view, you can bring your food and drinks with you in person. The people of the region, who have an extremely warm attitude towards strangers, meet you around the waterfall and in other areas.

On your way to Toparlar waterfall, you can see villagers selling products such as pancakes or lemonade. This place is also considered as for picnicking in the summer months. The waterfall, where tourists flock, has a depth of approximately four meters. In this sense, it is not a very suitable place for those who do not know how to swim well. There are already many warning signs around the waterfall. The water of the waterfall is generally unsalted.

Toparlar FallsToparlar FallsToparlar Falls


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    Gizli bir Cennet desek tam da yerinde olur. Yaşlı ve yürüme problemi olanlara tavsiye etmiyorum. Arabayı park ettikten sonra 700 800 metre kadar dağa doğru yürüyorsun.


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