Ancient City Of Tlos

Ancient City Of Tlos

Ancient City Of Tlos

The ancient city of Tlos, located in Yaka District in the Seydikemer region of Muğla, is currently included in the tentative list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. This is of course a great pride for both Mugla and Anatolian lands. The ancient city of Tlos, one of the most important values of tourism, is located in the important region called Lycia and is in a symbolic position. When the Hittite documents are examined, it is seen that this region passed as ‘Dlawa’ in the past. In Lycian inscriptions, it is named as’ Tlawa'. The fact that the Acropolis in the ancient city is in a dominant position makes this place much more special. The ancient city of Tlos, which is quite impressive, has a height of 500 meters. The Acropolis hill is naturally protected and therefore very advantageous.

The area around the Acropolis hill is fortified by the fortification walls. At this point, the rock tombs, carefully carved into the rocks and with great craftsmanship, are immediately visible. It is estimated that these types of graves were mostly created for relatively noble persons. Because an important part of them are created in the form of tombs in the temple. Among these tombs, especially those belonging to Bellerephontes, the tomb is of great interest to visitors. As you approach the tomb, you can witness that the moment Pegasus fought the Chimera, known as the three-headed monster, was used as a figure. The entrance to the tomb has two columns, and the door in the middle is filled with decorations.

When you reach the lower points of the Acropolis, you can observe the small remains of the buildings such as the stadium, theatre and bath. At the same time, there are also some church ruins in this area. The six-arched gate of the city Agora is still intact today. In the ancient city of Tlos, the most intact section appears to be the theatre. This city stands out as the most valuable sports city in the Lycian region in history. The stadium is therefore actively used in that period.

Ancient City Of TlosAncient City Of TlosAncient City Of TlosAncient City Of Tlos


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