Ancient City of Stratonikeia

Ancient City of Stratonikeia

Ancient City of Stratonikeia

The ancient city of Stratonikeia, which borders the Yatağan district in the north of Mugla, is located in a village on the highway route to Milas. It is based on the reorganization of an area that had been inhabited since the late Bronze Age, dating back to 1550 BC, to the 3rd century BC.

If someone says that antiquity is surrounded by a very moving intrigue and love cheesecloth, believe him without thinking ... in the 3rd century BC, the founder of the Seleucid Empire I. Seleukos gives his wife Stratonike to his own son, while his son Antiochos is her stepchild, he establishes a city in the name of Stratonike, who is his wife.

The ancient city, which was connected to the Roman Empire in 130-129 BC, stands out as being one of the few settlements in Stratonikeia as well as different structures from archaic to Byzantine to Ottoman, where the urban fabric melts into the same pot.

Several ruins of the thousands-year-old historic city, which was also visited by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in 2019, remain closely visible today. A series of structures built on the highest point called Akrapolis are situated on a hill surrounded by walls. The theatre, the main entrance gate, monuments, the second theatre referred as the bouleuterion, the bathhouse, the gymnasium of the old times gymnasium, the city's cult site Hecate sacred area can be seen in the remains of such sections.

The ancient city of Stratonikeia, one of the world's largest marble-built cities, offers a unique experience for enthusiasts.

Ancient City of StratonikeiaAncient City of StratonikeiaAncient City of StratonikeiaAncient City of Stratonikeia


  • bodrumsky
    30.07.2023 17:40

    Mükemmel bir Destinasyon; Antik bir şehir olmanın yanında 1980lerden itibaren boşaltılmış bir antik köy aynı zamanda. Kentle iç içe olan köy boşaltılmış 2 hane kalmış sadece. Dağın başında insanların neden burada yaşadığını sorgulatacak bir lokasyonda. Giriş ucreti ve gorevli yoktu. Kapalı bir kafe gördüm sadece. Daracık sokaklar yıkılmaya yüz tutmuş rum evleri mutlaka görülmesi gereken yerlerden. Yolu düşen bu fırsatı kaçırmasin derim…


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