Shabanagha Mosque

Shabanagha Mosque

Shabanagha Mosque

One of the most important mosques in Muğla, the Shabanagha mosque, in some sources it also referred as ‘Tannhane mosque’ or ‘Sulu mosque’ . In particular, Evliya Çelebi mentions the mosque under these names in his travelogue. The reason this place is called Sulu mosque is because of the presence of spring water coming out from underground at that time.

The mosque is located in the western part of the village square and is also in the northern part of the historical Seljuk Bath. According to the inscription at the entrance of the mosque, this holy place was built in 1876. It is seen that the Shabanagha Mosque has been repaired many times over time. Despite this, it has managed to come up solidly so far.

The Shabanagha Mosque is still active today and is open for worship. Various engravings show that the mosque has a minaret with a single balcony with a dome on top. At the entrance facing the northern end of the mosque is a congregational neighborhood supported by columns. The ceiling of this section is wooden and Portico shaped. The general plan of the Shabanagha Mosque is in the form of a quadrangle. Each surface is calculated to be approximately 15 meters. Each wall has four windows.

The ancient city of Stratonikeia, located in the Yatağan district of Mugla, is also close to the area. In this sense, for those who want to visit both historical and cultural sites, the region offers an important opportunity. Another repair of the mosque was carried out by Mehmet Eskisar in 1912. One of the most interesting notes about the mosque is that Suleiman The Magnificent prayed here during his expedition to Rhodes.

The mosque was last restored by the Muğla Governorate in 2018 and opened for worship again. With this restoration, the mosque was restored to its former imposing appearance. The presence of the mosque also positively influences visits to the ancient city of Stratonikeia. The restoration process of the Shabanagha mosque was completed in about 300 days.

Shabanagha MosqueShabanagha MosqueShabanagha MosqueShabanagha Mosque



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