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Pinara is an important ancient city in Muğla. Information on where the city's name came from is passed on by Stephanus. After the increase in the population of Xanthos, a certain part of the inhabitants of this area set up a new city at the peaks of Mount Kargos. They call this new city ‘Pinara’ because it means round. Especially in the early ruins of this region, the Acropolis has a round structure, reinforces this situation. According to the likik inscriptions, the name of this place is referred as ‘Pinale’ in past periods. According to strabon, Pınara is among the six cities that have three voting rights in the Assembly of the Union of Lycia. The first Democratic Federation established here is known to shed light on today.

The ancient city of Pınara consists mainly of rock tombs, odeon and acropolis besides the theatre and bath. The lower acropolis is opened to settlement because it is easier to reach after the acropolis in the upper section is insufficient. The Odeon and some temples are located in this part. The rock tombs found here were made in residential style. This presents important traces of Lycia's civil architecture. The water sources in the ancient city of Pınara are severely damaged by earthquakes. Due to the destructive effects of these earthquakes, it begins to lose its effect well after the 8th century. When Alexander the Great died, the city was taken under control by the Kingdom of Pergamon.

The ancient city of Pınara is located 45 kilometers from the center of Fethiye. There are many ancient cities in Fethiye whose name is not heard. Pinara, located in Minare (Minaret) Village, is one of the ancient cities that attracts the most visitors. It is also included in the walking route known as the Lycian Way. To come to the ancient city of Pınara, which is eligible to enter the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, you must follow the Fethiye-Kas Highway.




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