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Ancient City Of Letoon

Ancient City Of Letoon

The ancient city of Letoon in Muğla, close to the border of Antalya province, dated to the 7th century BC, is located in the Seydikemer district of the city. It stands out as the religious center of the Lycian region of antiquity meaning ‘Land of light’.

As an important detail, the Temple of Apollo and the Temple of Leto and Artemis, all of which have been preserved, can be seen in the historical area, which is considered as a sanctuary. Experts point out that all three temples are different from many others due to their location. Because in the temples facing south, it is recorded that intense sky movements are taken into account.

In general, the temples, some of which have standing columns, have also been the source of many works exhibited in the Fethiye Museum. The fountain and monastery near the temples are also notable. The monastery in particular has survived quite well. In addition, the ancient theatre, which rests behind it on the slope of a hill, is among the important parts of the historical settlementz.

It is very easy to access, due to its location on the Lycian Way, which is more than 500 km long, a popular hiking route, and close to tourist attractions. It is also a center of attraction and welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

One of the leading ancient settlements in Lycia, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Letoon is one of the popular culture sightseeing destinations for the summer months each year.

Ancient City Of LetoonAncient City Of LetoonAncient City Of LetoonAncient City Of Letoon


  • mervebakknn
    24.08.2022 06:54

    UNESCO Dünya Kültür mirası listesine alınmış bir yer, xanthos ve letoon. Her ikisinide görmek gerekiyor bence. Şöyle bir düşünün, 2.000-2.500 yıl önce yaşamış insanlarla aynı mekanı paylaşıyorsunuz, onların nasıl yaşadığını, nerelerde oturduklarını vs vs bir sürü şeylerini düşüne biliyorsunuz.


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