The ancient city of Lagina is on the Yatağan-Milas road. It is possible to reach the ruins by way of Turgut. The temple belonging to Hecate, who is considered to be the Goddess of Moonlight, is located within this region. As a result of excavations in the area, an important part of the courtyard is unearthed. This exciting temple was invaded by the Parthians in the 40th year BC. The inscription on the courtyard gate, which still stands today, contains some basic information about the temple. According to what is quoted here, the temple is repaired by Augustus in the 27th year BC. Therefore, it is understood that this is also an inscription of repair. The temple houses the architectural features of the Hellenistic period.

The excavations in the Lagina region were initiated by Osman Hamdi Bey, who has an important place in the history of Archaeology. The fact that Osman Hamdi Bey sent the works from here to Istanbul prevents them from being smuggled abroad. Most of the reliefs obtained during excavations in the 1890s are moved to the archaeological museums in Istanbul. In the recent intensified excavations, other architectural pieces relating to the temple have been significantly arranged. To the south of the Propylon excavated in this process is a new sacred structure.

The ancient city of Lagina, located in Turgut village in Yatağan, is known as ‘Leyne’ by the local people. The area was essentially a kind of sanctuary for the city of Stratonikeia for a long time. In antiquity,a sacred Way was used to come to the area. On this road it is possible to see the temple built for the goddess Hecate, a very important figure in the city. The most important feature of this temple is that it is the first and only temple built on behalf of Hecate in Anatolian lands. The statues of Hecate located in the ancient city of Lagina are mostly designed with three heads. The number of statues depicted as four-headed is quite low.



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