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Incirliin Cave

Incirliin Cave

The Incirliin cave is located in Milas, one of the tourism-identified districts of Mugla, and promises its visitors a sophisticated, stunning experience inspired by the beauty of the region it is located in. This place is also shown among the most interesting caves in Anatolian geography with its geological shapes, historical ruins.

It is classified as a fossil cave that is relatively dry and has completed its development through fault influence. During rainy times, water can drip from the ceiling. It also contains shallow ponds formed by raindrops at its base.

It draws attention to its caged structure. The 155-metre section of the cave, which has a length of 345 metres, is navigable along with its wide entrance. This section has been provided with a full-fledged understanding of tourism through walking paths, lighting elements and security measures. The possibility of safe travel is offered.

With its stalactites, columns and dripstone pools, the section called as Damlataş Gallery at the end of the cave, which makes the visitors wonder, must be experienced closely. Because the shapes here are very interesting. Moreover, the development of new shapes continues because the geological formation is not complete.

Incirliin Cave Incirliin Cave Incirliin Cave Incirliin Cave


  • mervebakknn
    24.08.2022 06:16

    Aktif bir damlataş mağarası Milas ilçesinde bulunuyor mağranın uzunluğu 155 m civarında dahada büyük gelebiliyor.

  • aysenurgunduzz
    21.09.2022 05:47

    Mükemmel bir manzara kanyon ve incirliin mağarası.bodruma yolu düşen herkesin görmesi gereken bir yere.kahvalti yemek soğuk içecekler mevcut.

  • ezgicam
    20.07.2022 08:08

    Mağara ağzına inişi rahat ve harika bir doğa parkuruyla ulaşılan çok iyi korunmuş sarkıt ve dikitleri sağlam. 1 cm kireç taşı 20 yılda oluşuyormuş içeride devasa kireç taşları var rengarenk bir ortam.


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