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Hayıtbükü Beach

Hayıtbükü Beach

Muğla's Datca district, which offers numerous destinations worth setting out to, is home to Hayıtbükü Beach, one of the favorite destinations for sea and sun enthusiasts.

Reaching Hayıtbükü Beach, which is reached by a road that is 20 kilometers away from Datca, means witnessing stunning views. The sophisticated beach, which completes the winding road, is also adjacent to many beaches such as Ovabükü.

The beach in Mesudiye District offers many different features at the same point. It lies primarily along a small bay. It is also extremely closed to the wind due to the elevations surrounding it in the shape of a bowl. In hot weather, it is protected from burning breezes. It has an interesting texture and air; the occasional coolness provides a unique beach comfort in the region during the summer months. However, it is also often preferred by families with children as its sea slowly deepens and is not very undulating.

There is also a tea garden and restaurants near the beach. There are also usually small accommodation facilities. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available free of charge at the beach. However, the beach is also visited by hiking enthusiasts, and from time to time there are yoga activities or fishing activities.

Hayıtbükü Beach, which is also in demand in autumn, is among the ideal spots for relaxing in the shade of the mulberry trees adjacent to the beach, enjoying the view, and enjoying a quiet sea experience with the sun.

Hayıtbükü BeachHayıtbükü BeachHayıtbükü BeachHayıtbükü Beach


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