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Fethiye Museum

Fethiye Museum

Muğla is a city whose history extends very deep, and a cultural treasure that presents its ancient heritage with various museums spread throughout the province. One of the highlights in this context is undoubtedly the Fethiye Museum.

The foundation story of the museum, which is located within the boundaries of Kesikkapı neighborhood, is based mainly on the artifacts found in the new construction sites, along with the earthquake that occurred in the district in 1957 and the process that followed. In this context, a small warehouse was created in 1962 containing works compiled from the region. After 25 years of being found and brought by the citizens as well as many artifacts found through excavations, Fethiye Museum with its large collection is opened to visitors in 1987 at its present site.

Ceramics, Roman sculptures, architectural pieces, glassware, tomb stelaes and lamps, which can be dated from 3000 BC to the Byzantine Empire period, can be seen in the archaeological section of the museum. In addition, the trilingual inscription is the museum's most prominent historical artifact.

The Menteşe principality before the Ottoman Empire, and the ethnography department, where there are artifacts from the Ottoman and recent periods, is heavily home to items for various purposes, from clothing to jewelry, related to the Teke region. This section also draws attention to weaving examples and elegant crafts. Also in the garden of the museum can be seen the Izraza Monument and many other inscriptions and tombs.

Fethiye MuseumFethiye MuseumFethiye MuseumFethiye Museum


  • pelinakgl
    13.10.2022 05:51

    Girişler ücretsiz. Çalışanlar ilgili ve güler yüzlü. Sanirim kedilere de bakıyorlar bahçede yavru kediler var sevimli sevimli dolaşıyorlar.

  • melisacubuk
    09.08.2022 07:43

    Müzede bir çok arkeolojik obje sergileniyor. Çok kapsamlı ve bu bölgede yüzlerce değerli objesi olan başka bir müze yok.


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