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Dalyan River

Dalyan River

The demand for Sustainable Travel, which includes a large number of tourist, cultural and social items in the wider area rather than a single point, is growing rapidly. In this context, the Dalyan River in Muğla, the Pearl of Turkey on the Aegean Sea coast, is one of the most interesting destinations.

Dalyan River, Ortaca District of the city, the source of Çiçekbaba Mountain and many branches are separated into the sea. The river, which has turned its surroundings into an ecological treasure, gives life to the region, especially in terms of agricultural productivity. At this point, the river and the surrounding natural beauty form the basis of its transformation into a center of attraction. The area, as it is in the Green, is, so to speak, an eyesore. Because there are those who are officially addicted and go to see this river every year

There are also areas where you can experience rafting at the ends of the Dalyan River, which welcomes many curious visitors every year, and the possibility of going on a spiritual journey to find your inner peace at the peaks of calm. The tombs of Kings in the region stand out in terms of cultural tourism. Iztuzu Beach and Lagoon are recommended to be seen as natural ores.

The Dalyan River between Marmaris and Fethiye can be reached in many different kinds. As it is an important tourist area, direct tours are held. You can also reach the river within hours from many cities of Turkey via Dalaman Airport nearby.

Dalyan RiverDalyan RiverDalyan RiverDalyan River


  • aslidemirr
    28.10.2022 06:49

    Tarih doğa ve deniz hepsi bir arada. Carettaların üreme merkezlerinden birisi.Dalyan deltası Kanalı ve dünyaca ünlü İztuzu plajı görülmeye değer


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