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Çöllüoğlu Khan

Çöllüoğlu Khan

Hisarbaşı District, located in the Milas region of Mugla, is home to an extremely important khan. Çöllüoğlu Khan, which continues to welcome domestic and foreign visitors throughout the year, stands out as one of the oldest places in Milas. It is known that the khan was built by Abdul Aziz Agha in 1720. During the construction process of this special and historical place, both rubble stones and reused stones are used extensively.

Çöllüoğlu Khan has a rectangular plan. Consisting of two floors in total, The khan offers examples of Ottoman architecture. The structure, which is unfortunately ruined today, hopes to be among the major stops for Milas sightseeing tours again.

Looking at the journey of the khan, only 20 years after it was built, it is seen that it was dedicated to a Madrasa located near the Agha mosque. The ground floor of the khan serves as a shelter for animals, while the upper floor is reserved for passengers. This is the case in general in other Khans in the Ottoman Empire. The khan has the potential to meet the expectations of the passengers who came to stay at the time. The roof section of the structure is covered with corrugated tiles. Today it is integrated with both the Belen Mosque and the Milas Arasta, so to speak. Therefore, visitors to the khan have the chance to witness these two historical sites. Arastan(ottoman bazaar) is thought to have been built directly connected to the khan. At least that's what the predictions are about. There is no conclusive information to support this.

Although the place is located in the center of the city, it has preserved its texture and architectural structure to at least a certain extent. The entrance point of Çöllüoğlu Khan is on the north side. It consists of an arched structure. The historic khan occupies a total area of one thousand 50 square meters. Despite its splendid appearance, the khanhas been somewhat neglected recently.

Çöllüoğlu KhanÇöllüoğlu KhanÇöllüoğlu KhanÇöllüoğlu Khan


  • aysenurgunduzz
    21.09.2022 06:53

    İyi korunmuş güzel restore edilerek tekrar hizmete girmiş harika bir mekan. Sadece fotoğraf çekmek için bile gidilir 👍🏻


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