Beçin Castle

Beçin Castle

Beçin Castle

The village of Beçin, a few kilometers from Milas, located between the historical districts of Mugla on the shores of the Aegean Sea in southern Turkey, fills the eye with its castle of the same name.

The castle of Beçin, which has witnessed many steps of civilization, has maintained its importance for centuries with Roman, Byzantine and Turkish domination. The Ottoman rule in the 15th century resulted in the gradual migration of the population throughout the region.

As mentioned in the records, Beçin Castle was a settlement until the 1950s. Today, all parts of the tourist and cultural excursion function offers.

Beçin Castle can be visited with the ruins of a fountain, where lion figures can be seen at the entrance, as well as the ruins of a mausoleum, as well as madrasa, mosque, inn, shrines and many buildings for residential purposes. It should also be noted that the remains of a church built in the 19th century can also be seen in this context.

The historical value, which has been observed to be unable to resist the strenuous effects of centuries in general, is in good condition compared to the past with the landscaping works in recent years. There is also the possibility of comfortable transportation by using the asphalt road leading towards the castle.

Beçin Castle Beçin Castle Beçin Castle Beçin Castle


  • samet
    27.09.2023 14:10

    Çok güzel bir gezi noktası. 👍🏻👍🏻

  • aysenurgunduzz
    21.09.2022 05:43

    Kalenin manzarası muazzam kaleden baktığınız zaman uçsuz bucaksız dümdüz bir ova ve Milas ayaklarinizin altında. Şahane bir yer mutlaka gezilmeli

  • ezgicam
    20.07.2022 08:12

    Müze kart ile giriş yapabiliyormuyuz ?

  • mervebakknn
    24.08.2022 06:35

    Antik dönemde karia Osmanlı devrinde menteşe vilayeti olarak adlandırılmış 13. 15. Yüzyıl arasında menteşe beyliğinin kontrolü altındaymış.


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