Babadag has been adding significant value to the country's tourism in recent periods. Babadag is located in Fethiye district of Muğla, close to Patara Beach. The fact that this beach is very popular in the region made it easier to explore Babadag. Babadag, seen from the district center, lies in the north and south direction. In the southern part of Babadag, there is the Eşen stream and in the western part,there is the Mediterranean Sea. Babadag is also the summit point of this region.

It has a distance of around 7 kilometers between it and the seashore. Fethiye ,a very important part of this mountain range, which starts to rise from the back of Ölüdeniz, is not suitable for agriculture. Most of these areas are rocky or stony. Despite this, it manages to be one of the most important tourism destinations in our country thanks to its offerings.

The vegetation of Babadag is maquis. It is also possible to see Turkish pines and dry agricultural areas as they rise higher. After 200 meters, juniper and maple communities attract attention. Numerous endemic plant species are found within the area. Among these plants, there are also species whose area is limited only to Babadağ. Rock Eagles can often be encountered in rocky areas. Coastal areas are home to Mediterranean seals that are in danger of extinction. This, on the other hand, is considered as the habitat of many reptiles.

Babadag has a structure suitable for tourism activities. Due to the physical conditions of the region, paragliding is quite common. This allows both athletes and tourists to flock to the area. The 380 hectare area was officially opened by the Forest Regional Directorate as a promenade and resort in 2004. The controls and inspections here are carried out by a private company.



  • caglakara
    18.07.2022 09:18

    Fethiye'de tam Ölüdeniz'in yanında bulunan bu dağa teleferikle çıkabilir ve muhteşem bir manzaranın tadını çıkarabilirsiniz. Ayrıca, paraşüt ile atalamayı da tavsiye ederim. Çok iyi bir etkinlik ve tecrübe.


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