Azmak River

Azmak River

Azmak River

Azmak River, which is located in Muğla Akyaka, is in the foreground among the natural beauties of the city. This important river, which is located exactly in Gökova region, receives full notes from local and foreign tourists. This place is named as a freshwater river. The reeds and ducks, located right next to the river, add a different color and beauty to the region. The Azmak River, which is usually visited by vacationers in Akyaka, offers a very pleasant view. The river has a peaceful atmosphere with this structure. Just watching the beauty of the river to one side, you can also be involved in a lot of activities here.

Apart from the postcard bays, Azmak River with its abundant oxygen air is ideal for those who want to spend time in a quiet place. There is a distance of around 30 kilometers between the river and Marmaris which is located in Ula district. It is also located at the eastern end of the Azmak River, Gökova Bay. Muğla Dalaman Airport is approximately one hour away from Azmak River.

The most obvious feature of the river is that its water is quite cold. Besides taking walks around the river, you can explore new beauties with your camera. Between october and april, boat tours are also organized here regularly. To any extent you can join these tours with your loved ones.

The area also includes businesses where you can rent canoes. Thanks to the recent popularization of the Azmak River, numerous restaurants have been opened on the river's edge areas. You can watch the sunset while eating with your loved ones against the river. Wind surfing in the Azmak River has gained considerable popularity recently. The physical conditions around the river are quite suitable for doing this sport. The presence of perch within the river is remarkable. In this context fishing boats around the river create a pleasant image.

Azmak RiverAzmak RiverAzmak RiverAzmak River


  • aslidemirr
    28.10.2022 06:26

    Tertemiz suda yüzebileceğiniz ,tekne turu yapabileceğiniz birbirinden farklı balıkları görme fırsatı bulacağınız bir yer: Azmak Nehri 💦💧


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