Amintas Stone Tombs

Amintas Stone Tombs

Amintas Stone Tombs

The tombs of the Stoneof Amintas survive from the Lycian period to date. These tombs, thought to be from the 4th century BC, are carved with rocks. Here it is possible to reach Amintas with more than 100 steps. These steps are still in good condition today.

Amintas is interpreted as ‘the most glorious of all tombs’. The graves are also easily visible from the area below. The closer you get here, the clearer it becomes of how beautiful and imposing the graves are. Herpamiasoglu Amintas writes in his column on the left side of the tomb, but there is no clear information as to who this person really is. From the location of Amintas Stone Tombs, the sea view is also very clear except Fethiye and Knight Island.

Based on the period in which the tombs were built, it is generally understood that they were built for persons of nobility or high status. In this sense, it is suitable for both carving and processing. There are many sarcophagi open to visitors in this area. Despite this, the tombs of the Amintas Stone are always one step ahead of their popularity. This tomb has two storeys, and in its front section, a Gothic arched cover stands out. Two sections of the cover have figures in which battles are quoted. These figures also provide details about one's life. Especially the frescoes are of interest to visitors. The tombs of the Stone of Amintas, considered one of the city's landmarks, are also the most important remains from the ancient city of Telmessos. There are very few surviving works from this important city. This increases the importance of the graves one more time.

Rock tombs are also found in many parts of Anatolia besides this region. There are varieties of monumental tombs such as temple and house type. The purpose of making temple-type rock tombs is to worship people of high status, such as the king, even after death. These tombs, where the rocks are carved, starting from the top point, are created as a result of great labor.

Amintas Stone TombsAmintas Stone TombsAmintas Stone TombsAmintas Stone Tombs


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