Sakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum

Sakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum

Sakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum

The museum, named after the will of the well-known businessman Sakın Sabanci, who lost his life in 2004, is one of the most important cultural and art points in Mardin. The historical building on Gul District, Government Street was used for military purposes more than 100 years ago, and was later kept open as a tax office. Finally, it has been restored under Sabancı foundation in recent years and has gained the function of a museum today. Two-storey Sakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum has a thin/long plan. In this way, it is aimed to provide a wide viewing experience in a linear walking axis. The museum, which was created with a large collection with its historical columns and all other architectural elements used texture ensures that more works can be exhibited. It would not be wrong to say that there are historical artifacts all over the building. Among the works on display are the depictions that shed light on urban life by using all the details from the manuscript Qurans, local clothes, woven boards, other tools for production, tools and appliances, copper-weighted utensils, historical carpet to household items and wax sculptures. The museum invites you for a cultural stroll in the serene atmosphere, and art exhibitions are also held at certain times of the year. Sakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum is particularly popular with its exhibitions in the photo focus. Some part of the museum serves as Dilek Sabancı Art Gallery. The museum contributes significantly to the cultural life of Mardin as a whole, can be visited for a fee every day except on the first day of religious holidays and Mondays.

Sakip Sabanci Mardin City MuseumSakip Sabanci Mardin City MuseumSakip Sabanci Mardin City MuseumSakip Sabanci Mardin City Museum


  • mervebakknn
    10.08.2022 07:00

    Bina ve yeri çok güzel iyi düşünülmüş içeride bir çok eser mevcut alt katta resim sergisi var üst katta da tarihi eserlerin resimleri mevcut.

  • huseyinatess
    17.12.2022 16:44

    Müzede çok fazla tarihi eser bulunmamakla beraber alt kattaki resim galerisi o açıği kapatmakta, Mardin sıcağında gidilip serin serin gezilebilecek bir mekan.


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