Mardin Governor's Building

Mardin Governor's Building

Mardin Governor's Building

We are in the old governor's mansion, which allows the city's most efficient street (First Street) to form. This place is considered one of the most beautiful architectural examples of the Ottoman 19th century. After the reform edict was announced in 1839, it was effective until the declaration of constitutional in 1876, but in fact it shaped the following years. During the constitutional period of promotion, which is considered a westernization movement, both the forms of education and social life of the people begin to take shape in a European style. This movement, which coincided with the late architectural period of the Ottoman Empire, is reflected in the architecture of the 19th century. Mardin, also called 'Stone City', has its own architectural layout. The houses of this city, mostly made using yellow limestone, are so architecturally closed and preserved so beautifully for centuries that it gives the human perception that time stops, so to speak. Mardin Governor's Office building is one of the first european works of the city with such a construction. Mardin Governor's Office Building, which creates a sense of unity in the majority and makes those who see it feel as if they have entered a different universe, also plays a big role in the new construction of the city. Adopting the 19th-century European style to its location and surroundings, the mansion also allows the public to get used to this kind of architecture. Mardin's First Street, famous for its narrow streets, also has importance thanks to Mardin Governor's Office. Mardin Governor's Office Building is perhaps the most eye-catching beauty of the European-style governorate mansions, which have been built all over the country with the edict of the reform. The building, which attracts many tourists to the city in terms of cultural tourism, is one of the most beautiful examples of Mardin's European style architecture.

Mardin Governor's BuildingMardin Governor's BuildingMardin Governor's BuildingMardin Governor's Building


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