Mardin Protestant Church

Mardin Protestant Church

Mardin Protestant Church

This house of worship, which is Mardin's only Protestant church, has been one of the most important points for the city's Christians since 1860. Mardin Protestant Church, built in 1860 by Protestants who immigrated from Diyarbakir to Mardin, becomes a frequent destination for the city's Christians in the first 100 years after its construction. The church, which was closed in 1960 as a result of a military coup in Turkey and remained closed for many years, reopens for worship in 2015 after two years of restoration work. Mardin city, home to countless civilizations, religions and cultures in its thousands of years of history, was the capital of Assyrians and Christians in Mesopotamia in particular. In this city, people of all ethnicities and beliefs from the states that have disbanded over time as parts of a mosaic form the whole. When the majority Muslim city emigrated from a Christian community in 1860, houses of worship were inadequate and new places of worship should be built, especially for Protestants. On top of this, the Protestant Church in Mardin is built. This structure, which has stood firmly as if it had been a challenge to time for 160 years, has an important place in terms of the city's religion and cultural tourism today. The architecture of Mardin Protestant Church, which is one of the points that those who come to visit the city does not return without stopping over, also bears traces of many different civilizations.

Mardin Protestant ChurchMardin Protestant Church


  • mervebakknn
    10.08.2022 07:09

    Tarihi binası dikkatinizi mutlaka çekecektir. Harika bir atmosfere sahip tarihi dokusu ve tarihi eşyaları dikkat çekici.

  • pelinakgl
    13.10.2022 06:06

    Mardin sokaklarını arşınlarken çeşitli kültürlere ve farklı dini yapılara hayran olmamak elde değil. İşte bu kilisede küçük ama etkileyiciliği ile öyle..

  • huseyinatess
    14.09.2022 11:48

    Mardin gerçekten medeniyetlerin buluştuğu bir şehir. Protestan kilisesi de bunun güzel bir yansıması. Görevliler gayet ilgili ve saygılı davranarak tüm sorularınıza içtenlikle cevap veriyorlar. Umarım asırlardır gelen bu birliktelik hiçbir zaman bozulmaz.


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