Abdullah Bey Mansion

Abdullah Bey Mansion

Abdullah Bey Mansion

Abdullah Bey Mansion, which has lived in all its stories in Savur district of Mardin, has been operating for 170 years as both a hotel and as a museum. One of the most beautiful buildings in the city, this magnificent mansion amazes those who see it with its long history and architecture.The shadow of Mardin casttle virtually takes the people who reached the site by leaving the green poplars at full lenght,behind,a long the road ,under its wings. Abdullah Bey Mansion is a visual feast monument with its magnificent view of light earth-colored hills. Abdullah Bey Mansion, the oldest mansion in the city, bears the name of its former owner, Haji Abdullah Bey. Built in the 1850s, this building also gives its visitors a spaciousness with the width of its interior. The venue, which makes guests feel that it is a Mansion of Bey with its symmetrical and flamboyant decorations, takes its explorers on a time journey, so to speak. Abdullah Bey Mansion, which is also a museum, contains many works from the kitchen utensils that mardin people used from the past to the present ,to the clothes they wear.

Abdullah Bey MansionAbdullah Bey MansionAbdullah Bey MansionAbdullah Bey Mansion


  • pelinakgl
    13.10.2022 06:09

    Yaşayan bir Tarih. Mardinin Savur İlçesinde hala ayakta kalamaya çalışan bir konak.

  • irembozz
    25.08.2022 07:25

    Savur un 2 dağınin çevresine yapılmış o muhteşem mimarisini Abdullah efendi konağı dan izlemek ve evin sahibi Selahattin beyden atalarının hikayelerini ve ev hakkında sohbet etmek gerçekten paha biçilemez . Selahattin bey emekli öğretmen ve müdürlük yapmış uzun bir süre. Ve kendisi tam bir Savur beyefendisi kibarligi ve nezaketiyle kalbimizde taht kurdu.


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