Gazipasa Primary School

Gazipasa Primary School

Gazipasa Primary School

We are in one of the most beautiful schools in architecture. The building, which was completed in 1907 and was used as a home for a while, has been teaching Turkish youths as Gazipasa Primary School since 1934. Mardin's Chief Architect Lole Serkiz Gizo wants to build a structure in accordance with the general architecture of the city. Gizo laid the foundations of today's Gazipasa Primary School in 1892, but cannot complete it. Construction in 1907, the Period of constitutional II. was ended by Cebbur, a member of the Ancient Congregation of Syrian. The structure is used as a home for 27 years after construction is completed. In 1923, the Republic was declared and the year behind it, Headteacher Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, i. The Congress of the Union of Masters. Speaking at the congress, Ataturk said, "Teachers, the next generation will be your work. The value of the work will be appropriate for your skill and dedication." Soon after, schools in Turkey and the literacy rate began to increase gradually. Large structures that are in good condition are either donated or sold to municipalities as an educational institution. The family living in Gazipasa Primary School then also sells the structure to the Mardin DEPUTY Abdurrezzak Shatana. The congressman who resides here for a while, then sells it for a fee under what he bought, to the Special Administrative Directorate. After these trading events, the building, which was completely in the hands of the state, was examined and restored and started to operate as an educational institution in 1934. Gazipasa Primary School, which fascinates those who see the grand structure which the favorite of children’s in Mardine, is still an institution that educates Turkish youth as a school today.

Gazipasa Primary SchoolGazipasa Primary SchoolGazipasa Primary SchoolGazipasa Primary School


  • guvenylmz
    19.07.2022 07:12

    Şehrin göbeğinde zinciriye medresesininde hemen yanında binası tarihi dokusu çok şirin bir ilkokul.

  • huseyinatess
    17.12.2022 17:05

    Olgunlasma enstitüsü binası ile aynı bahçedeler. Merdivenleri çıktıktan sonra sağ tarafta kalıyor.


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